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Sydney Opera House, barbies on the beach, amber nectar - all these things are to Australia what Britain is to roast beef. But there is more to Australia than just the clichés of going walkabout or calling everyone ‘mate’. Australia has hidden depths and that is not just talking about the Great Barrier Reef!

Australia definitely has two sides to it as well. The central and western areas of Australia are arid and flat with sparse populations, while the coastal parts of Australia are widely populated and thriving. These two differing outlooks are enticing to travellers and so people flock to Australia in their millions.

A short history of Australia

There has been a lot of dispute and anguish about how the indigenous people of Australia were treated when Captain James Cook first set foot on Australia in 1770. Then the convicts from Britain were given a fresh start in Australia, and conquered the land.

It was not a pretty start to the colonisation of Australia, and as new settlers pushed further and further inland in search of pasture and land for crops, so precious metals were being discovered. Towns grew up along the coast of Australia and infrastructure was established.
The 1890s brought hardship for the working class with rising unemployment and hunger. But instead of a revolution, the new century was welcomed in with fireworks. Now Australia is booming – the population is growing faster than any other wealthy nation, its multiculturalism is harmonious, and the array of things to visit is amazing.

Sights to see in Australia

Australia has 25,800km of coastline and over 7,000 beaches so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to beach holidays. Yorke Peninsula on the south coast of Australia is a popular surfing spot and is near Kangaroo Island, one of the best places to spot these amazing marsupials.

You have to go into the outback at least once during your time in Australia, and Uluru (Ayers Rock) right in the centre of Australia is as good a place as any. Try to visit either at dawn or sunset when the shifting light dramatically changes the sacred rock’s colour and appearance.

For more natural phenomena, get over to Kakadu National Park in the north of Australia, the country’s largest park. Here you can touch rock that is 2,000 million years old, find seed pods not found anywhere else in the world, and discover new mammals and reptiles. There is also some rock art at nearby galleries.

For diving nuts, the Great Barrier Reef has to be explored. So huge, it is the only living thing visible from space, and is home to 1,500 species of fish, 400 types of coral and six types of turtle. If you have longed to swim with manta rays, this is probably the best chance you will ever get.

Australia is huge, and if you are planning to drive across it, remember the distances are much longer than you might anticipate. Better still use Flugladen.at for your flights to Australia and then domestic ones once you are there. Flugladen.at can squeeze out great prices on holidays to Australia so now is your chance to explore down under!

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding € 14,99 booking fee.

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